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Grown in the green

At the end of the 1930s Mathijs Peters and his wife Jeanne Deville started growing and trading vegetable plants. Their sons Jan and Jef took over the business in 1958.
In 1960 they started growing garden plants and creating gardens. Both brothers reacted alertly to the strongly increasing demand for a wider range of garden plants.
In 1970 they decided to leave the retail industry and focus exclusively on wholesale.


The 70's

In the 1970s, the growth of their nursery put Munsterbilzen on the map as a European-level plant center.
In 1978 they started using the most modern sales greenhouse in the country. In 1983 they built their first container field in the nursery and four years later a new infrastructure was built for the sale of indoor and patio plants.
The cash & carry was expanded in 1994 with a cut flowers and accessories department.


The 90's

At the end of the 1990s, the third generation of Peters took over the management of the company: Mathieu and Leon (sons of Jan) and Marie-Jeanne and Johan (daughter and son of Jef). She ensured further growth and made an important decision in 2006: Peters would concentrate exclusively on his core competence, garden plants. This activity was split into cultivation on the one hand, Heyeveld tree nursery and the trading company, Peters Belgian Outdoor Plants.


The 00s

Both companies operate independently of each other, each with their own strategy and objectives, with separate people, but they work closely together.



Nursery Heyeveld acquires the tree nursery site in As. This site offers other options in terms of product range, capacity and efficiency. With approximately 11 hectares more container fields and a new team, the image and dynamics of the company are completely changing. From then on, Heyeveld nursery will operate from this new site in As



Jan Nijs steps into the capital of Heyeveld tree nursery.
The first step in non-family succession is taken to ensure the future of the company.
Leon Peters and Jan Nijs now share ownership of the company.

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