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An assortment nursery

Heyeveld has been a family business since 1960, with an area of approximately 100 ha.
Nursery Heyeveld is a variety nursery and grows hardy garden plants in various pot sizes and in open ground.
Our cultivation methods are quality-oriented with respect for the environment. Our service takes into account the specific needs of the various green professionals in various segments.
The range includes hedge and dwarf conifers, various shrubs and grasses.
We grow hedge and dwarf conifers in open ground on an area of approximately 80 hectares and all types of conifers, shrubs and grasses in containers on an area of approximately 15 hectares.
Our customers are wholesalers such as wholesalers and exporters, garden and plant centers and retailers
Nursery Heyeveld is known for its dynamism, professionalism and competitive pricing.
You are most welcome to visit our nurseries!
This website informs you about our way of working and offers you a complete overview of our current range with current photos.
Use the contact form to request specific information

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